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This kitchen was designed by AVÉORA for a UK-based owner. It sits at the heart of a 1915 waterfront villa in Devonport, directly across the harbour from Auckland’s CBD. Little needs to be said about this kitchen that speaks for itself. Brass is featured in a striking manner. It is strong, refined and beautiful, sporting sufficient formality for the architectural style of the house, while also addressing a profusion of practical requirements. Streamlined cabinetry hides a wealth of features and further appliances including a wine fridge, warming drawer, humidity drawers and dishwashers. Proximity and orientation to the outside allows an easy flow between the pool, deck and kitchen – a genuine southern hemisphere luxury.


Kitchen & Cabinetry Design
Wim de Bruin

Mark Scowen Photography

Whilst respecting the tradition of the house, AVÉORA added a contemporary element to the kitchen space that never fails to make jaws drop. The quality of workmanship is outstanding and it is a joy to work in and entertain. AVÉORA delivered exactly what we wanted with minimal intervention from us, the long-distance owners!

(Home Owner, Local Time)